Marine Weather Information

Perhaps the most important thing in any good fisherman’s life is the weather.  Somehow The Weather Channel doesn’t quite provide all the information we need.  Here we’ve assembled some different resources for weather predictions:

Coastal Waters ForecastClick here for the current Sandy Hook to Fenwick Island to 20 NM offshore forecast. More forecasts can be found at the NOAA website by clicking below:

Offshore ForecastYou can click here for the Baltimore to Hatteras Canyon Forecast.  For the offshore marine weather forecast in other areas, start by clicking on one of the three major zones:

Marine ObservationsThe National Bouy Data Center (NBDC) provides observations at government operated buoys positioned throughout US, Canadian, and European waters.  Your tax dollars purchased almost 2 million observations at over 130 manned and unmanned stations.  My favorite is the Delaware Lightship, er well the buoy that is where the lightship once was!

Sea Surface Temperature – While there are several pay sites offering surface temperatures along with fishing advice, a few websites offer the seawater temperature information for free…I recommend the Rutgers site:

Rutgers University –  Provides AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) satellite images.  The link takes you to a close up of the canyons, with 20, 100, and 500 fathom lines superimposed. Other views are available.

NOAA GEOS – Again, your tax dollars provide images from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites).  This is an excellent resource for detailed ocean surface temps. An optional $30 software package gives the ability get very accurate imagery at 1° separations. 

Johns Hopkins – Provides another AVHRR imaging resource for sea surface temperatures.

NOAA Geostationary satellite server – You can access all sorts of satellite images.